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Tu Duc tomb

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Tu Duc tomb
Tu Duc tomb
Address: Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province Tu Duc tomb (tomb of modesty) is constructed in a beautiful valley of Duong Xuan Thuong village (Thuong Ba hamlet, Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city). Located in an immense pine valley about 8km from Hue city, Tu Duc tomb is one of the most beautiful royal architectures of Nguyen dynasty.

Covering the area of 20 hectares, Tu Duc tomb consists of nearly 50 architectures constructed in groups at different heights. Tu Duc tomb consists of two main parts located in two parallel axes. Regards to Feng Shui elements, Giang Khiem mount and Duong Xuan mount respectively serves as Tien an and Hau cham (well-covered in the front and in the back). Luu Khiem lake serves as Minh Duong (a patch of ground or a pond in front of a house, receiving much natural sunlight). The word Khiem (modesty) is added in names of palace and tomb.

Tu Duc tomb looks like a large park. Crossing Vu Khiem gate, Luu Khiem lake appears. Xung Khiem and Du Khiem houses where the Emperor used to admire flower, compose poem and read book.

Walking on stone stairs leading to Khiem Cung gate, visitors reach Hoa Khiem palace which is used to be the working place of Emperor Tu Duc. Today, Khiem Cung palace is used to worship the Emperor and Empress. Hoa Khiem palace which is the Emperor's resting place is constructed behind Luong Khiem palace. Later, it is the altar devoted to Madam Tu Du, the mother of Emperor Tu Duc. On the right side of Luong Khiem palace is On Khiem house where royal utensil are stored. On the left side of Luong Khiem palace is Minh Khiem - the oldest theater conserved today.

Right behind two majestic rows of madarin stands the stele pavilion. The 4.935 line poem written about life, career and mistakes of Emperor Tu Duc was carved in the memorial stele. On the hill located on the other side of Tieu Khiem Tri crescent lake is the brick citadel called Buu thanh. At the middle of Buu Thanh stands a small stone house where Emperor Tu Duc rests in peace.

Tu Duc tomb is not only a masterpiece poem, but also a beautiful drawing.
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