Traces of proto-history period
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Ironworks found at Con Rang (Huong Tra town)
Ironworks found at Con Rang (Huong Tra town)
According to archeology division, Proto-History period was in Metal Age. It spans from Bronze Age to Iron Age.

During Metal Age, Thua Thien Hue is home to Sa Huynh culture complex. Today, relics such as jar burials, ceramics, ironworks, jewelry made from stone and glass were found at Con Rang and Cua Thieng - the two relics of late Sa Huynh period.

There are not many relics under Sa Huynh culture complex found in Thua Thien Hue while information regarding Pre-Sa Huynh period is still blank. Released documents regarding Sa Huynh culture prove that the technique of locals at the time is as good as that of people under this culture in other areas. 

People under Sa Huynh culture had a long-term agricultural life. Metallurgy development promoted the development of the entire economy and resulted in changes in social life.

Beside rice planting, people grew trees for fruit, tube, fiber etc. They knew how to exploit resources from sea, forest, the underground by hunting, exploiting minerals etc. Crafts such as ironwork manufacture, ceramics, jewelry, knitting, textile, etc were also developed at the time. Of all, jewelry and ceramics reached high aesthetic level. In addition, locals exchanged and traded with people under Metal Age in the area, especially ancient Vietnamese citizen - the owner of Dong Son culture. The Dong Son bronze drum found at Khe Tran (Phong My commune, Phong Dien district) is an evidence of this cultural exchange relation.

Thanks to the development of agriculture and crafts, people knew how to take care of themselves and make daily use products.

Based on the abovementioned elements, it can be said that people under Sa Huynh culture period stepped to class-divided society and early state. This laid a foundation for the establishment of ancient Champa Kingom in the following period.

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