River system
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The total length of river, streams and dug river is 1.055km. Total basin area is up to 4.195km2. River density is about 0,3-1km/km2, and up to 1.5-2.5 km/km2 in some areas.

Rivers located in Thua Thien Hue province from the North to the South are

- O Lau river

- Huong river

- Nong river

- Truoi river

- Cau Hai river

- Bu Lu river

Of all, Huong river is the longest. It has two main sources which are from Truong Son range.

Its main branch - Ta Trach branch is 67km long. It is from Truong Son range. Ta Trach branch flows in North West direction across Nam Dong town and meets Huu Trach branch at Bang Lang intersection (about 3km to the North).

Being the sub branch, Huu Trach is about 60 km long. It runs across 14 dangerous waterfalls and Tuan ferry. Huong river is about 33 km long from Bang Lang intersection to Thuan An port. In this area, it runs pretty slow (as river water level is nearly the same with sea level).

Beside natural rivers, there are also many manmade rivers around Hue city such as

In addition to natural rivers, Hue city also has many dug rivers such as

- An Cuu river (also known as Loi Nong) is 27km in length. The river connects Huong river with Cau Hai lagoon in Quan Cong via Dai Giang river.

- Dong Ba river is a dug river from Gia Hoi bridge to Bao Vinh which is 3km in length

- Ke Van river is 5,5km in length. It connects Huong river with Bach Yen river and An Hoa river; surrounds Hue citadel and joins Huong river in Bao Vinh.

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