I. General information

Office Address: 7 Dong Da Street, Hue city

Office telephone: 84.234.3828804 -  84.234.3830196

Fax: 84.234.3828804

Email: snnptnt.thuathienhue.gov.vn 

Website: snnptnt.thuathienhue.gov.vn

II. Position and Functions

- Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is a specialized agency under supervision of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC); functioning as the state management agency on agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, irrigation, and rural development; flood and storm control; safety of agricultural products, forest products, and aquatic products; public services under Department management and other duties according to the PPC’s authority and Vietnamese law.

- Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has legal status, has its own seal and account; is under guidance and management on organization and personnel of the PPC as well as specialized guidance of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.