Y Thao garden house
Update11/8/2018 10:34:17 AM
Being constructed about 5 decades ago, the 1.300m2 garden house called Y Thao is located at 03 Thach Han, Hue city. At the middle of the entrance places a rock work serving as screen. On two sides, two rock works are arranged as Green Dragon and White Tiger.
(Source: internet)
(Source: internet)

Green Dragon rock work was imbued with lake while White Tiger rock work representing thousands pines and apricots was imbued with small bushes. Other 5 rock works placed across the garden symbolize the five famous mounts of the East. Entire trees in the garden are carefully taken care of by the owner. Of all, 2 Hue fine arts collections are the most valuable antiques in Y Thao garden house. The collection consists of 200 Hue blue enamel porcelains aged over 300 years from Le - Trinh dynasty and Nguyen Lord's reign. Visitors are attracted by their shapes and date of production which is written in Nom script (Vietnamese ancient script) and Hue mirror paintings including Xa Cu mirror, the portrait of lord lady, eight fairies, etc. Today, the value of these antiques is much higher than their original one.

Once visiting Y Thao garden house, not only researchers but also visitors would love to come back over and over again.

Since Hue Festival 2010, Y Thao garden house has welcomed tourists, hosted Hue vegetarian parties and family meals.

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