Van Trach Hoa, a Champa’s ruined relic
Update11/2/2020 1:44:12 PM
Van Trach Hoa is a complex of Champa’s ruined relic located in Van Trach Hoa hamlet, Phong Thu commune, Phong Dien district. As recorded, Van Trach Hoa’s sculptures were mentioned in the list of "Statistics and description of Champa relics in Central Vietnam" published by H. Parmenier in 1919.

In August 1999, Van Trach Hoa was officially excavated by Thua Thien Hue Archaeology Institute and General Museum. Despite the fact that it is a large complex of ruined relic, the excavation only involved in the architecture where an altar was found in 1991. At this time, experts also surveyed and monitored other relevant constructions.

After the excavation, 3 architectures were found. On this occasion, the layout of the main architecture and two sided tower in the north were restored. Besides, a number of artifacts were discovered such as 1 altar platform, 2 altars, 3 statue fragments, 1 Yony - Linga platform, 2 Yony platforms and 4 thinly inlaid yellow metal objects.

Based on currently known architecture, Van Trach Hoa was a religious architecture. Its history dates back to IX and X century.
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