Van Phuoc pagoda
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Van Phuoc pagoda (Photo: internet)
Van Phuoc pagoda (Photo: internet)
Situated in 60/14 Dien Bien Phu street, Truong An ward, Hue city, Van Phuoc is the former place of worship established by Venerable Hai Man (the disciple of Venerable Nhat Dinh).

Thanks to the support of Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hoe, it was known as Pho Phuc pagoda in 1847. At the time, its abbot was Venerable Hai Nhan who passed away in 1915. Venerable Tam Canh whose religious title is Giac Hanh later took over the position. In 1916, the pagoda was renamed Van Phuoc.

In 1933, the first Buddhist College was founded in this pagoda by Annam Buddhist Studies Association. In 1939, the pagoda was renovated for the first time and was officially recognized by Emperor Bao Dai. During the time Venerable Tam Hao managed the pagoda, Buddhist Vo Van Cang whose religious title is Nguyen Luu offered a three-meter-high bronze Amitabha Buddha statue. Thanks to this present, the pagoda was later known as "Van Phuoc Di da tu" (Van Phuoc Amitabha Buddha pagoda).

In 1953, Venerable Tam Hao passed away. One year later, Van Phuoc was renovated for the second time. Venerable Tam Huong, who was appointed as the abbot of the pagoda in 1966, carried out several restorations and constructed a pagoda with the same name in Ho Chi Minh city in 1971.
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