Tre Hue
Update3/13/2020 4:00:48 PM
Tre Hue is one of Hue specialties. Although it is similar to fermented pork in the South, tre Hue has its own special flavor. There are two kinds of tre Hue. One is made from pork while the other is made from beef.

Tre, fermented pork (nem) and Vietnamese sausage (cha) are all made from meat and the skin of pig or buffalo. Unlike fermented pork and Vietnamese sausage, tre Hue is a combination of various spices. This rich-flavored dish is made from pork, pig's skin and a wide range of spices such as fish sauce, chili powder, fresh chili, toasted sesame and galangal. Particularly, ground toasted rice is a must-have ingredient which makes the dish more delicious and nutty. All the ingredients will be mixed and wrapped in banana leaves. The finished product looks like fermented pork or Vietnamese sausage.

It depends on spices used in the dish that tre Hue has the pinky red or white color. Tre Hue tastes pungent thanks to its main ingredients such as chili powder, galangal and meat.

Once try Tre Hue, diners will definitely ask for more. With its distinctive flavor, Tre Hue, a rustic dish attracted far and near diners.
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