Tiger Arena
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Tiger Arena (Photo: Toquoc.vn)
Tiger Arena (Photo: Toquoc.vn)
Ho Quyen (Tiger arena) was constructed under Nguyen dynasty. It was the place where emperors, mandarins and locals enjoyed fierce fights between elephants and tigers. It was at this tiger arena that elephants got ready for the battles.

Located near Long Tho hill (Thuy Bieu commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province), the tiger arena was built in 1830. The last game took place in 1904 under Emperor Thanh Thai's reign.

Ho Quyen is an open donut-shaped arena which consists of two concentric walls. Its structure is simple, yet strong. Up to now, the arena stays pretty intact thanks to its high-quality materials i.e. brick, stone, etc.

Its inner wall is 5,90m high while the outer one is 4,75m high. The joint thickness varies from 4m at the top to 5m at the bottom. The diameter of the inner space is 44m while the circumference of the outer wall is 140m. There are 5 tiger cages placed in front of Emperor’s stand and a large arched gate (1,90m wide and 4m high) through which elephants entered the arena.

The stand where Emperors sat faces the South and is higher than audiences' seats. At the Emperor's stand, the arena is enlarged.

Ho Quyen is a special and unique relic in Vietnam. In the world, it is also one of a kind. It was recognized as national relic on Decision No. 2009/1998 QD/BVHTT on September 26th, 1998.

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