Thien Khanh ancient pagoda
Update10/14/2020 2:52:31 PM
Thien Khanh is an ancient pagoda located in Bac Vong Tay village, Quang Phu commune, Quang Dien district. It is also known as Bac Vong Tay.

Up to now, no one knows exactly when the pagoda was constructed. However, it is believed to be founded under the reign of Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu who followed Buddhism when he had the headquarters moved to Bac Vong in 1972. It means that this place of worship has existed for approximately 300 years. The pagoda is located in front of Bac Vong headquarters and faces the south. Not only Buddha, but also Quan Thanh are worshiped in Thien Khanh pagoda. At present, the pagoda is still home to many valuable artifacts such as the huge bells offered by mandarin Dang Van Hoa under the reign of Emperor Tu Duc, horizontal lacquered boards, stone stelae, Buddha statues, Dharmapala statues, etc. 

Thien Khanh was renovated several times under the reign of Emperor Tu Duc, in 1963, and the following years. As assessed by researchers, Thien Khanh pagoda plays a considerable role in learning about the Buddhism in the South Vietnam, Nguyen Lords, as well as historical cultural relics such as Hoa Chau ancient Citadel, the memorial space of General Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tam Giang lagoon, Phuoc Yen Residence and crafts villages, ect. Many tours to Quang Dien district are designed on the basis of the pagoda.

Thien Khanh was recognized as province-level historical relic on Decision No. 608/QD-UBND.
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