The architecture of garden house and residence
Update6/4/2020 3:31:28 PM
Hue garden house is not only an ordinary combination of scenery and architecture, but also a local important heritage thanks to its cultural-historical values. Hue garden house comes in a variety of forms such as royal garden, tomb's garden, residence, pagoda's garden, noble and rustic gardens, etc.
Photo: internet
Photo: internet
 Famous garden houses in Hue city center and the sub-urban areas (for example, Lac Tinh, An Hien and Tuy Ly residence) were built on the Huong river's bank in Long Ho, Nguyet Bieu, Luong Quan, Kim Long, Duong Xuan, Vi Da, etc.

The combination of the main architecture, garden, trees, flowers, fruits, rock, water, etc with other subsidiary structures, for example, gate, corridor, shallow tank, and screen is on purpose. The architecture, garden, fruit trees, and nature always stay in harmony.

 Trees are classified by two main criteria. They are the vertical axis and functional cycle. The former means the height of trees while the latter indicate that trees are planted on the basis of their practical function, custom, aesthetic value and habit.

The beauty of the East, Vietnam, and Hue shown through garden houses are what the house owners, managers and locals are looking for. It is the honor and the responsibility of Hue locals to conserve and promote this heritage.
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