Tay Thien Pagoda
Update8/3/2020 2:33:01 PM
Tay Thien pagoda is located in a pine forest to the south east of Nam Giao esplanade, Thuy Xuan commune, Huong Thuy town. It was established by Vernerable Lam Tinh, the 41th generation of Linji in 1902.
Tay Thien pagoda (Photo: internet)
Tay Thien pagoda (Photo: internet)

At first, this place of worship was called Thieu Lam. In 1904, the pagoda was embellished and renamed Thieu Lam pagoda. In 1926, Emperor Khai Dinh contributed to renovating the pagoda and named it Tay Thien Phat Cung Tinh Xa. In 1933, Emperor Bao Dai offered the pagoda a royal recognition.

The architecture of Tay Thien pagoda (Photo: internet)

At present, the pagoda is still home to the alms bowl of monk Tam Tinh, 6 large drawings of the eighteen Arhats, the wooden statue of monk Hue Vien who initiated Pure Land Buddhism, the statue of Amitabha Buddha which was casted and offered by Emperor Khai Dinh and other Buddhist followers. In 1935, the pagoda served as the Buddhist University led by Vernerable Thich Giac Nhien who later became Tang Thong (leader) of the Unified Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam and his disciple, Tam Tinh. Venerable Tam Tinh has 39 disciples who were awaken to the Buddhist reality, for example, Venerable Giac Nhien who was the second leader of the Unified Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam, Venerable Giac Tien who founded Truc Lam and Giac Nguyen pagoda, etc.

Inside the pagoda (Photo: internet)