Tam Giang lagoon's clam porridge
Update3/16/2020 2:00:48 PM
A bowl of clam porridge
A bowl of clam porridge
Tam Giang clam lives at the bottom of the lagoon. Thanks to its unpolluted living environment, clam is considered as local specialty. Although there are various dishes made from Tam Giang clam, porridge is the most special one.

Clam is first soaked in water and chili to remove sand and dirt. Then, it is boiled.  After that, clam meat is mixed with spices such as black pepper, onion and fish sauce before being stir-fried. The water previously used to boil clam is filtered to cook rice porridge. When the rice porridge is cooked, clam meat is added and seasoned.

Tam Giang clam porridge is served with cilantro, black pepper and slices of chili. The chewy tasty clam meat, spicy chili and black pepper will be sure to bring eaters an unforgettable flavor.

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