Stir-fried mussel and grilled rice paper
Update3/16/2020 3:12:43 PM
While Hue mussel rice has been famous for so long, a local favorite dish called stir-fried mussel is hardly known by far and near tourists.

First of all, mussels are soaked in water to remove sand and dirt. Then, mussels are boiled with a little salt until they float on the water surface. Next, mussel meat is stir-fried with onion and garlic. When mussels dry, chopped peanut and laska leaves are added.

Stir-fried mussel is served with grilled rice paper or prawn crackers. Once try the dish, eaters can enjoy the chewy mussel, its distinctive sweetness, spicy chili, hot black pepper and crispy grilled rice paper. It is believed that this rustic yet tasty dish can win even the most demanding diners.
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