Sinh village's wrestling festival
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The saying "No matter where you are, come and join Sinh village's wrestling festival on the tenth day of the first lunar month" is always in the heart of almost every Hue local. Every year, on the tenth day of the first lunar month, people in Phu Mau commune (Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province) are excited to join in local wrestling festival, the cultural tradition maintained for 400 years since the reign of Nguyen Lords.
This spring event attracted thousands of locals and visitors
This spring event attracted thousands of locals and visitors

In the past, Sinh village was a mud flat made up by 3 branches of river. As a flat and wide land, the village was the place where Nguyen Lord's royal soldiers practiced martial arts. At that time, a young local man was interested in martial arts and decided to join the army. When the war was over, he returned to the village and taught members in his family to practice martial arts as a way to improve their health. Later, he was known as the founder of Sinh village's martial arts.

The festival attracted thousands of locals, far and near visitors since it is a fine traditional cultural activity encouraging health improvement, bravery and confidence in young generations.

In early morning, the festival is in the air. When the exciting sound of drumbeat is heard and colorful flags are decorated everywhere, locals gathered together and enjoyed the festivity.

Sinh village's wrestling festival consists of 2 parts the rites which is solemnly organized at Lai An village hall and the festive part. These two parts take place in the same day. It is not until the elderly has already gone through rites at the village hall, the festival is officially kicked off. Not only locals, but also audiences can join in the game. The one who is in charge of monitoring the wrestling match wears the aodai and has a black towel tied on his forehead. The referee not only fully understands rules of the game, but also is able to make correct and firm decision.

To start the game, competitors bow to the village hall three times in accordance with the drumbeat. This is what makes Sinh village's wrestling festival different from those found in other localities country wide. Basically, national wrestling rules are applied in the village festival. To win the game, competitors must knock down their opponents and keep them unmovable in 3 seconds. As martial spirit is one of the main focuses of Sinh village's wrestling festival, aggressive movements are banned. Competitors are divided into age groups. Anyone won three matches will enter the preliminary round. Team spirit of localities are clearly shown as competitors will support each other during the game. The first prize winners receive betel leave, areca nut, wine, pig's head, flag, medals and an amount of bonus money.

The wrestling festival has long been known as a local distinctive culture, a meaningful event, a spectacular activity held in early spring in Sinh village.

Photos taken at Sinh village's wrestling festival
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