Ruoc hen Ceremony
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Ruoc hen is a traditional ceremony held in Con Soi village, Vy Da ward, Hue city which is formerly known as Giang Hen ward, Phu Xuan commune.
Photo: internet
Photo: internet

The festival takes place on every June 24th. Once every three years, the grand ceremony is held during 2 or 3 days. However, the main ceremony takes place on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month. Only those from Giang Hen ward hold and participate in the ceremony.     

There is a beautifully-decorated boat on which placed an altar at the Huong river junction (Con Hen Islet). At the middle of the river locates a "dai phan" tree which is called "hoi dong than ky". From the center, a group of boats traveled to the upstream and downstream.

Reaching destinations, offering ceremonies with incense, flower, fruit, rice and salt are held. After that, boats returned to the departure. Then the parade is back to the clan ancestral house of Nguyen family (the shared clan ancestral house of 12 parentages who founded Phu Xuan commune) to hold the offering ceremony.

All of the people joining in the ceremony are male of all ages. There is a group of men wearing black shirt and red cloth belt carrying the main altar at the "hoi dong than ky". Men in black aodai and red cloth belt stand in two lines, sing "ho mai day" and pretend that they are rowing. They are followed by local dignitaries and resident wearing traditional clothes. Before entering the village hall, the parade dropped by and held a ceremony at Nguyen family's clan ancestral house. The founder of Giang Hen ward is Mr. Huynh Tuong who was from Dien Dai village, Phu Vang district. He came to Hen Islet and earned his livelihood from catching mussel. When Emperor Gia Long went to the throne, Hen islet was named Giang Hen ward, Phu Xuan commune.

Therefore, the ceremony is very meaningful to people living in this famous water area of Thua Thien Hue province, the home of the delicious and unique mussel rice.
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