"Ro" fish sauce
Update3/16/2020 10:37:32 AM
"Ro" fish sauce is a rustic dish which is familiar to Hue locals. It is said to require careful material selection and marinating process.

Like anchovy, "ro" fish (cá rò) has soft bone, shining fins and tasty flesh. This kind of fish usually lives in blackish water or warm water area. Therefore, Thuan An is one of the must-mention destinations when it comes to "ro" fish sauce.

The cook must be very careful during washing the fish. Only salt water or seawater is used. Then, "ro" fish and raw salt are well mixed and kept untouched for 15 - 30 minutes.  Finally, the mixture is poured in bottle or container. It takes the sauce 30 days to be "ripe".

“Ro” fish sauce is served with rice, bacon and fresh vegetable. It is usually mixed with galangal, chili, and garlic.

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