Other means of transport

Update11/8/2018 8:42:23 AM
Motobike renting service in Hue (Photo: Visithue.vn)
Motobike renting service in Hue (Photo: Visithue.vn)
Visiting Hue city, tourists may choose from various means of transport such as cyclo, bicycle and motorbike. All of the means of transport can be found at ease at reasonable price.


Thanks to its flexible design, Hue cyclo is not only capable of carrying passengers safely but also transporting goods. Cyclo tour is a favorable choice for tourists while visiting inner city area. Service price is negotiated between cyclo riders and passengers.

Cyclo service can be found near hotels such as Huong Giang, Century, Rose, Sai Gon Morin, 2 Le Loi street, 5 Le Loi street.

Bicycle and motorbike rental services

Bicycle and motorbike are other two popular favorable means of transport. Being a tourism city, tourists may easily rent a motorbike at reasonable price in Hue. Rental services are available around hotels. Some hotels even provide rental services, therefore tourists may ask receptionists for help.

Address: Hung Vuong, Le Loi, Chu Van An, Pham Ngu Lao street.

Boat rental service

Dragon boat has become a popular means of transport in Hue city.

There are two kinds of dragon boats i.e. single boat (20 people on board) and double boat (50-60 people on board). Regardless of size, all boats are colorfully decorated.

Listening to Hue Singing while having a boat trip on Huong river, tourists can truly enjoy Hue beauty.

Contact: Please contact Boat Station Management Board at Tel: 3846744 - 3846743 - 3828853.

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