"Nuoc" rice noodle
Update3/20/2020 2:01:02 PM
Will you visit Hue this summer? Do not forget to try "nuoc" rice noodle - the special dish that can only be found in Hue at that time of the year!

“Nuoc”, a kind of jellyfish living in local brackish water, is the main ingredient of the dish. Compared with jellyfish, “nuoc” is smaller. When summer comes, locals harvest and have “nuoc” soaked in water. It is often sold in wholesale markets.

Usually, "nuoc" is soaked in cold water with some guava leaves before eating. Sauce is considered as the soul of the dish. Shrimps are peeled, seasoned with onion, black pepper, fish sauce and salt. Then, the well-seasoned shrimps are simmered with some shrimp paste and water. Tomato is also added into the sauce to create the natural color and sourness. Herbs and thinly-sliced banana flower are important ingredients of the fresh vegetable served with "nuoc" rice noodle. The dish tastes even more appetizing with roasted peanut, grilled rice paper, shrimp paste, green chili, etc.

To prepare the dish, some fresh vegetable is first put into a bowl. Then, rice noodle, sauce, onion, cilantro, peanut, shrimp paste, etc are added. Finally, "nuoc" and grilled rice paper are placed on top. "Nuoc" is an ideal food for summer days. The rich peanut sauce, fresh vegetable and chewy "nuoc" make the dish appealing to everyone.

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