Modern cuisine in Hue
Update5/7/2021 9:31:28 AM
Nowadays, Hue locals not only conserve local traditional cuisine, but also learn from modern cooking style.
Pandan and butterfly-pea flower flavored "banh day" (glutinous rice cake)
Pandan and butterfly-pea flower flavored "banh day" (glutinous rice cake)

During family meals, most of Hue locals still keep their dining style. However, their food are inspired by royal and noble cuisine or made from more nutritious ingredients. Tasty dishes coming from other localities such as (sweet and sour soup, braised pork, braised fish, salad) made their ways to Hue locals' meals. Industrially manufactured food are recreated in Hue style such as stir-fried pumpkin flower and canned meat; canned fish salad; chopped tomato and canned fish, etc.

Particularly, there are now much wider choice of dishes for breakfast. Dishes once found in other localities only are now available in Hue such as "pho" (rice vermicelli), "hu tieu" (a kind of noodle soup often served with pork and shrimp), "bun cha ca" (fish cake noodle soup), "banh cuon" (steamed rice rolls), "bun reu cua" (crab cake noodle soup), etc. Hue locals are used to combining "banh my" (bread) with various indigenous ingredients such as Hue dumplings (banh it, banh loc), barbecued pork, etc. French omelet is also made in Hue style. As a tourism city, Hue is not only home to local dishes but also foreign cuisines, for example China, Italia, South Korea, Japan, etc.
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