Linh Quang pagoda
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Linh Quang pagoda is located in Au Trieu street, near Tu Dam pagoda.

The pagoda was founded on the basis of two places of worship. The first was a "thao am" founded by monk Lieu Triet whose religious title is Vien Minh in 1852.
He used to be the abbot of Quoc An pagoda cum the administrator of Giac Hoang pagoda. The second construction is Linh Giac pagoda which was established in Ngu Phong Mountain by a mandarin called Ton That Duong Thanh in 1855. As suggested by madam Tu Du, Linh Giac pagoda was demolished and reconstructed in front of the "thao am" of monk Vien Minh. For this reason, there are both Linh Giac pagoda and Vien Quang Buddhist hall. At the invitation of pagoda council, monk Phuoc Hau became the abbot of the pagoda and had it renovated.

The three entrance gate of the pagoda (Source: internet) 

In front of Linh Quang pagoda (Source: internet)

Decorative patterns on the roof of the pagoda (Source: internet)

From 1944 to 1946, monk Tri Thu opened Buddhist Study School at Linh Quang pagoda. In 1960, the pagoda was renovated by monk Mat Nguyen, who was the 43rd generation of Linji meditation and the 9th generation of Lieu Quan generation. The Venerable was also the deputy head of the managing committee of Vietnamese Original Buddhist Sangha in 1959.  He was the one who translated Kinh Giai Tham Mat, Kinh Vo Luong Tho and Tan Duy Thuc Luan written by Thai Hu Dai Su.

Inside Linh Quang pagoda (Source: internet)
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