Lac Tinh garden house
Update11/8/2018 10:31:14 AM
Lac Tinh garden house was established by poet Hong Khang in 1889 on 2.070m2 at Duong Xuan village (today, 65 Phan Dinh Phung, Hue city). Lac Tinh garden house has a beautiful and spacious space Various type of flower such as hibiscus, roses, laurel and apricot, etc are grown on the two sides of the entrance leading to Lac Tinh garden house. Small sets of chair and table are placed under trees. Visitors may sit down to drink tea and enjoy the landscape. At the end of the entrance stands a stylized book-shaped screen. Thanks to its hexagon structure, the house complex become more connected.

In Lac Tinh garden, there are 4 adjacent houses. Each house has its own name which has a special meaning imbued with its owner.

Nhan Hau house (the house of kindness): Nhan Hau house has a spacious space. Flowers and bonsai are grown surrounding the house. It is in Nhan Hau house where its owner receives guests, enjoys the landscapes and helps the poor.

Hy Tran Trai house: located at the center of the house The house is decorated with many parallel sentences. The main house has 59 wooden pillars and tiled roof. Rafters are carved with images such as dragon, the four seasons, the four trees, etc.

Van Trai house is used for work and rest

Di Tam Thich The Duong house is the place where children study

The 4 houses are designed in ancient style. All furniture and ornaments are arranged in distinctive way. Visitors are impressed by its elegance which reminds them of gentle steps, poetic words and soft voice, etc.

Lac Tinh garden house was recognized as provincial relic (art architecture relic) on Decision No. 2235/QD-UBND dated September 28 2007.
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