Khanh Ninh Residence
Update6/10/2020 2:49:34 PM
Khanh Ninh was the private residence of Emperor Minh Mang constructed in 1825.

Located at the back of the Imperial City, to the north of the Ngu Ha River, the residence was surrounded by brick wall and was accessible by gates built on the four sides. Inside, the main palace was built at the center and roofed by glazed tiles. Five-compartment houses were constructed to the west, east, left and right of the main structure. After Emperor Minh Mang passed away in 1841, his coffin was placed in the main palace before the funeral. Later on, the monument became the private place to worship Emperor Minh Mang. 

After the Fall of Hue Citadel in 1985, French occupied and established its headquarters in Khanh Ninh residence. For this reason, the residence was abandoned and then demolished in 1887.
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