Hue tofu pudding
Update3/25/2020 2:06:46 PM
Tofu pudding vendors follow Hue women to far and near streets
Tofu pudding vendors follow Hue women to far and near streets
Hue tofu pudding is a familiar rustic dish loved by local people of all ages. It is also known as a healthy, fragrant and tasty snack.

Although this dessert can be found in many localities across Vietnam, Hue version is always eaten when it is still warm. A bowl of tofu pudding consists of young tofu, a spoonful of granulated sugar, lemon and ground ginger. Even when sugar has already dissolved, tofu pudding is still warm. Walking on streets, visitors will easily recognize ladies selling this dessert with a shoulder pole. Usually, tofu pudding is kept in a big clay jar on one side of the shoulder pole while sugar, lemon, ginger, spoons and bowls are put in a wooden shelf on the other side. Thanks to the clay jar which is wrapped by foam and nylon layer, Hue tofu always keeps its warmth. Eating the dish, diners can feel soft tofu pudding melting in their mouth, the sweetness of sugar, the charming aroma of lemon and ginger. On late chilly afternoon, Hue natives who are away from their home village will miss the flavor of tofu pudding.

To enjoy the authentic local dessert, visitors should definitely drop by tofu pudding vendor in Nguyen Thuc Nguyen street, near Thien Mu pagoda. A bowl of tofu is sold at VND 5.000 - a very reasonable price.
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