Hue sticky rice
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There are several kinds of sticky rice in Hue. Names for sticky rice are as varied as its side ingredients for example mung bean, black bean, peanut, corn, dried sweet potato, freshwater eel, gac fruit, chicken, duck, eel, etc.
Corn sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves in Hue (illustration photo)
Corn sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves in Hue (illustration photo)

"Xoi trang" (plain sticky rice): In the past, this most popular dish was first cooked in a sticky rice steamer. Although steamer helps the sticky rice less watery, softer and more delicious, the dish is later prepared in pots commonly used for rice cooking. Hue locals also mix rice with skinned mung bean, black bean or peanut.

"Xoi bap" (corn sticky rice): Corn is first boiled in limewater. Then, well-cooked ears of corn are washed, mixed with sticky rice and steamed. Mung beans are cooked and well mixed with spices. Corn sticky rice is served with slices of mung bean, fried onion, cooking oil, sesame salt and sugar.

"Xoi khoai kho" (dried sweet potato sticky rice): Dried sweet potato is soaked in water, washed and steamed with sticky rice and mung beans. The dish is wrapped in areca leaves, then cut into slices.

"Xoi vo" (mung bean coated sticky rice): It is a challenging dish which needs a lot of preparations. In the past, sticky rice is cooked twice before being steamed  with ground skinned mung beans separately cooked beforehand. Cooked sticky rice and mung bean are then mixed with pig's fat, pepper, onion and salt. Nowadays, cooked sticky rice is simply mixed with spices and ground mung bean so that each grain is coated with ground mung bean.

"Xoi xeo" (sticky rice with mung bean and crispy onion): Cooked sticky rice is mixed with pig's fat and salt. It is served with ground mung bean.

"Xoi gac" (gac fruit sticky rice): Sticky rice is mixed with the flesh of gac fruit, pepper, onion, cooking oil and salt. After that, it is cooked until the sticky rice turns to pink with an orange tone in color. Compared to common sticky rice, it is more delicious and eye-catching.

Sticky rice served with chicken, duck, eel and freshwater fish are cooked in nearly the same way. Meat are boiled, shredded, stir fried and seasoned. When the sticky rice is cooked, it is mixed with pig's fat, salt and stir fried meat.

"Xoi chien lap xuong" (stir fried sticky rice and Chinese sausage): Chinese sausage is cut into small pieces and fried with onion. Then, it is mixed with sticky rice, soya sauce, pepper and salt. It is served with fried egg.

"Xoi duong" (sweet sticky rice): Sticky rice is soaked in the water used to cook black beans. Black bean is separately cooked and simmered with sugar, then mixed with spices powder such as star anise, fennel, cinnamon and dried tangerine peel. This purple sticky rice is sweet and fragrant. It was once stored within nearly 10 days on holidays.
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