Hue cyclo
Update4/4/2019 4:19:40 PM
If you have a chance to visit Hue, do not forget to have a cyclo trip on beautiful streets and taste Hue rustic dishes.
Cyclos moving slowly on streets can easily be found in Hue city (Photo:
Cyclos moving slowly on streets can easily be found in Hue city (Photo:

Cyclo has long been known as an indispensable mean of transport which is popular among visitors and Hue locals. Sitting on cyclo, tourists can admire the beauty of Hue city and enjoy the elegant feeling right in the ancient capital.
Hue cyclo has its own special characteristics i.e. neutral color, medium word font, medium high iron frame and wheels. On these Hue styled cyclos, tourists can enjoy the beauty of romantic river and streets. Hue cyclo riders are not only friendly, but also knowledgeable. They may advise visitors the best addresses for sightseeing, dining and shopping. Also, those who have gone through every ups and downs may tell visitors relax interesting stories.
To be a cyclo rider, one must be hard-working and healthy. Riding cyclo not only helps earn one’s livelihood, but also contributes to protecting the environment and reducing traffic jam.

Having a cyclo trip is an unforgettable experience (Photo:

As Hue has become a famous destination attracting far and near tourists, cyclo riders are now supported by the authority and relevant agencies. Cyclo riders wearing beautiful uniforms create an impressive image in Hue city. Thanks to training courses on behavior and regulation compliance, cyclo riders' awareness is enhanced.
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