Hue cuisine in national cultural heritage
Update5/10/2021 3:17:21 PM
With unique values, Hue cuisine has become an art, one of the important factors in Hue culture and national culinary culture.
Lotus cake
Lotus cake

Hue cuisine is not only created by generations of Hue locals, but also developed on the basis of northern and southern cuisine. It features typical indigenous values of Southeast Asian region, Asian wet rice agriculture, and a sense of community.

Hue cuisine once spreads to the north and south of the country. It has a strong impacts on Central and country-wide cuisine. Hue royal cuisine was recorded in many documents. Luxurious menus and royal dining style are described in detail, providing a valuable resource of national culinary culture. Hue vegetarian food reflects not only Buddhism, but also royal cooking style. These delicious dishes attract customers and tourists to Hue. Hue specialties such as sweet soup, rice dumplings, beef noodle soup have been popular far and near.

Scientists are now studying the success of Hue cuisine in terms of visual appearance, yin-yang principle, heat-cold principle and nutritional value.

Hue dishes are elegantly and creatively cooked. Hue people, especially women are passionate about cooking. They can upgrade available dishes, create new dishes and learn from other culinary elite. These are attempts to diversify and develop local cuisine. As the ancient capital of Vietnam, a center for culture, tourism and festival, Hue cuisine has every condition to become a resource contributing to the development of Hue culture and national culinary culture.

If Hue cuisine is studied and reviewed in detail, it is expected to become a national unique cultural heritage.
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