Hue Temple of Literature

Update2/28/2020 11:16:46 AM
Location: Huong Long commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province

Van Mieu or Van Thanh is other names of Van Thanh Mieu - the Temple of Literature built to worship Confucius (so-called Master Kong) who was honored as the teacher of all times.

In the past, Nguyen Lords had the temple relocated to Trieu Son village, Luong Quan village and then Long Ho village.

Under the reign of Emperor Gia Long, in 1808, Hue Temple of Literature was built at today location. The old temple became Khai Thanh Tu temple to worship Confucius's parents. The majestic monument is located in An Binh hamlet, An Ninh village by the Huong River bank.

The south-facing relic faces the Huong River. All main works were constructed in a square area in a hill which is about 3m high. Totally, there are 50 structures including 32 Ph. D stelae and other 4 stelae.

Overlooking from Dai Thanh gate, visitors can see Dai Thanh temple which was constructed at the middle. Dai Thanh Temple which was 32m long and 25m wide is an important part of Hue Temple of Literature. It reflects the Hue traditional architecture called multi-roofing style. The two seven-compartment houses, namely Dong Vu and Tay Vu were the places to worship 72 confucian.

There are two memorial houses situated in the yard. The right memorial features Emperor Minh Mang's writing regarding that eunuchs are not considered as mandarins. The memorial on which Emperor's writing regarding his maternal relatives are not allowed to join the government is placed on the left. Before reaching Dai Thanh gate, visitors will see Huu Van Duong and Di Le Duong which are located on the left and the right respectively. They are one-compartment-two-wing houses where the Emperor and mandarins got ready before entering the Temple. There are other two rows of stelae on which the names of 293 Ph. D.s passing 39 contests organized under Nguyen Dynasty were engraved. Also other structures such as Than tru (kitchen), Than Kho (storage), Dai Thanh gate, Van Mieu gate, etc are found in the Temple of Literature. All the works were made from Lim wood.

At present, there are only 34 stelae left in the Hue Temple of Literature. Hue Temple of Literature is a precious historic relic marking the heyday of Confucianism which was once used by Nguyen dynasty to establish its rule across the country.
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