Hue Citadel

Update3/30/2023 10:33:00 AM
Hue Citadel is a part of Hue Monuments Conservation Center was recognized as a world cultural heritage in 1993. Visitors will have a chance to experience a wide range of services such as Hue traditional craft space, virtual reality technology, electric car, audio guide, photo-shooting and tour guide.

Hue Citadel is a part of Hue Monuments Conservation Center where the rich culture, history and architecture of Nguyen dynasty are featured. It is recognized as a world cultural heritage in 1993. Characteristics of feudal dynasty still can be found at Hue Citadel. Hue Citadel is divided into two main parts i.e. the Imperial City and the Forbidden City. The Imperial City was the place where the Emperor worked and held meeting. It includes Noon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, the Forbidden City, Can Chanh Palace, Thai Binh pavilion, Dien Tho Palace, etc. Visiting Hue Citadel, visitors will experience services such as Hue traditional crafts space where traditional crafts under Nguyen dynasty are recreated and introduced (Home Affairs Residence - Hue Citadel); the Imperial City and daily activities under Nguyen dynasty clearly illustrated by virtual reality technology.

- Electric car: help visitors save time while going sightseeing in Hue Citadel.

- Audio Guide: provide automatic guide for visitors, particularly foreigners and visitors speaking unpopular languages.

- Photo-shooting: Photo-shooting services are available at Hue Imperial City. Visitors may choose from a wide range of costumes worn by Emperor, Empress, Princess, Prince, etc.

- Tour guide: Visitors may book for tour guide in advance or directly ask for service while visiting. Hue Citadel is considered as one of the most majestic works in Vietnamese history so far. With hundreds of construction works, the Complex of Hue Monuments shows the great beauty and architecture, visitors will be definitely excited about the trip to Hue Citadel.
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