Hon Chen temple
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Staircase stretches from the temple to the river bank (the Huong River)
Staircase stretches from the temple to the river bank (the Huong River)
Location: Huong Tho commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province.

Hon Chen temple was the place where Chams used to worship Po Nagar goddess. Later, Vietnamese followed Thien Tien Thanh religion and the goddess was worshiped under the name Thien Y A Na. Buddha, Quan Cong and over 100 gods were also worshiped at the temple.

Hon Chen temple is known as a religious relic, a beautiful structure and picturesque scenery. It is located at Ngoc Tran Mountain by the Huong River. On the top of the mountain locates a hollow which is filled with water when it rains. As it looks like a bowl, the mountain was traditionally called Hon Chen (Chen means bowl).

About 10 beautiful structures were built on the south-eastern slope of the mountain, under the shade of an old forest. The entire temple is not very large. It includes the main structure called Minh Kinh Dai at the middle. To the left, there are Quan Cu, Trinh Cat Vien and Thanh pagoda. To the right locates Ngu Vi Thanh Ba, the altars of mandarins, a cave to worship Mr. Ha Ban and Ngoai Canh altar.

Hon Chen temple was recognized as a national relic on Decision No. 2009/1998 QD/BVHTT on September 26th 1998.

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