Ho Chi Minh road - A So airport
Update4/10/2020 2:39:35 PM
A So airport (Photo: bienphong.com.vn)
A So airport (Photo: bienphong.com.vn)
A So airport is located in Dong Son commune, A Luoi district, Thua Thien Hue province. It was constructed by American empire in 1960 to strengthen its military force and struggle against Vietnamese armed force.

The enemy also built A Co airport in Hong Thuong commune and A Luoi airport in A Luoi townlet. These constructions were aimed to control the strategic corridor to the west of Truong Son range and block the expansion of Ho Chi Minh road stretching from the north to the south. However, Americans failed to reach their goal.

In 1966, the southern battlefield was in favorable context. Taking this opportunity, the main force of 325 Division, local soldiers, militias and guerrillas liberated A Sau military base, A So airport and a large area in the south of A Luoi district. The victory facilitated the transport in Ho Chi Minh road. To re-conquer the liberated area, the American empire and its henchmen used Agent Orange and fluorescence to defeat revolutionary force and break the people's war strategy. Nowadays, these toxic chemicals still have a lasting heavy impact on locals' life.

A So airport marked victories of Vietnamese soldiers and people, witnessed the cruelty of American empire and its henchmen. It also reminds the young generations of respecting the victory that heroic soldiers and people sacrificed for.

Giving direction: From Hue city center, go straight on the national road 49 about 66km to Bot Do junction (Road 72 - 14B), take the right turn and keep moving to the south west for 2km.

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