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Being well-known for their elegance, Hue locals show their special taste not only in dining, selecting ingredients, but also cooking style and food decoration. For Hue locals, every dish is an art works.

It can be said that Hue locals enjoy gastronomy with all their senses. Nguyen Tuan, a famous writer once said that Hue locals eat with their eyes. No matter what sense they use to absorb nutrition, they seem to enjoy rather than eat the dishes. This can be shown through little smooth pieces of bánh bèo (round-shaped steamed rice cake), “Bánh nậm” (flat rice flour stuffed dumpling wrapped in banana leaf), Nam Pho rice spagetti soup, corn sweet soup from Con Hen islet, etc. Regardless of rustic or luxurious dishes, one may never forget their special flavors. Thanks to meticulous hands of Hue women, Hue dishes were rich with spiritual values.

Hue is home to over 1000 Hue styled dishes including royal dishes served under Nguyen dynasty. The royal menu consists of over dozens of carefully prepared dishes. Besides, rustic dishes are very popular among Hue locals. There are up to hundreds of dishes made by Hue housewives who are not only meticulous, smart but also talented. Locals not only concern about decoration and quality rather than quantity. Visitors will never forget the elegant their flavor once taste Hue vegetarian dishes.


  • Photo: http://khamphahue.com.vn Rice noodles with grilled meat
    Update 3/4/2019 2:01:55 PM
    Rice noodles with grilled meat is a popular Vietnamese cold rice-vermicelli noodle dish topped with grilled pork, fresh herbs like basil and mint, fresh salad, bean sprouts and spring rolls. The dish is dressed in fish sauce. Also, the dish is topped with roasted peanuts, Vietnamese pickle carrots, nem nuong (grilled garlic pork sausage) or grilled prawns.

  • Hue mussel rice (Source: visithue.vn) Mussel rice
    Update 3/1/2019 3:00:45 PM
    Vietnamese prefer hot rice in almost every dish except for mussel rice. Only cold rice is used in mussel rice.

  • Corn Sweet Soup in Hen Islet
    Update 2/27/2019 3:31:44 PM
    Hen Islet is not only famous for mussel rice, but also the delicious corn sweet soup that can only be found in Hue. In Hen Islet, there are dozens of hectares of mudflat where locals grow corn almost all year long (except for 3 flood months). Thanks to the fertilized soil after flood, corn grown in Hen Islet is very tasty.

  • Thanh Tra Pomelo
    Update 2/27/2019 3:07:25 PM
    Hue has long been known as the land of various kinds of fruit such as pineapple, jackfruit, mulberry, etc. Of all, Thanh Tra pomelo is Hue locals' favorite. The fruit is famous for its irresistible flavor which is described as sourness, semi-sweetness and slight bitterness.

  • Vietnamese sticky rice cake Nhat Le sticky rice cake
    Update 2/25/2019 3:19:52 PM
    Coming to Nhat Le street, Hue city, visitors may get lost in dozens of sticky rice cake workshops. Nhat Le street has been famous for this rustic dish for so long. People may easily get addict to this rustic dish for its balanced combination of flavors from mung bean, pork, sticky rice and spices such as pepper, onion, etc.

  • Hue lotus seed sweet soup
    Update 2/25/2019 3:15:53 PM
    Lotus seed and logan sweet soup has been widely known. Once diners taste the dish, they may never forget the fragrance of lotus seed and the light sweetness of logan. Lotus seeds used for Hue lotus sweet soup are the fresh ones.

  • Hue sour shrimp (Source: thegioitre.vn) Hue sour shrimp
    Update 2/25/2019 3:12:40 PM
    Sour shrimp is one of Hue specialties. Almost all far and near visitors coming to this Central land may find themselves surprised when seeing the sour shrimp for the first time.

  • Hue sticky rice wine
    Update 12/4/2018 4:53:15 PM
    Gastronomy is a part of Hue culture. It shows locals' personality, behavior and life style. According to researcher Le Nguyen Luu who has over 1000 studies on Hue history and culture, Hue dining is a form of culture and is divided into royal gastronomy and folk gastronomy.

  • A tray of water fern cake Banh beo (Hue water fern cake)
    Update 11/23/2018 4:36:20 PM
    Being known for its distinctive gastronomy, Hue locals has an elegant way of enjoying food. This special feature can be clearly shown through Banh beo (Hue water fern cake) - an irreplaceable specialty of Hue locals.

  • (Source: http://khamphahue.com.vn) Vietnamese pancake (banh khoai)
    Update 11/23/2018 4:28:59 PM
    For all visitors coming to Hue, Thuong Tu pancake is one of the must-try dishes. Thuong Tu is the name of an ancient gate located in the Southeast of Hue Citadel. For ages, Thuong Tu has been famous for Bánh khoái - the delicious and authentic Vietnamese crispy pancake. Nowadays, there are three pancake shops in Thuong Tu, namely Lac Thien, Lac Thanh and Bach Yen. Of all, Lac Thien shop has been established before Vietnamese Independence Day. At the time, there were only 4 tables on the ground floor and three others tables on the second floor.

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