Fresh sour shrimp rolls
Update3/23/2020 1:54:56 PM
Photo: Internet
Photo: Internet
Hue has long been considered as the capital of Vietnamese gastronomy with royal beautifully-decorated dishes. Fresh sour shrimp roll, an advanced version of traditional fresh rice paper definitely leaves a memorable impression on far and near tourists.

Although sour shrimp roll is a rustic dish, it once appeared on Emperor's table and was loved by royals.  It is made from familiar materials such as fresh rice paper, lettuce, herbs, water spinach, rice noodle and sweet potato. These ingredients are wrapped in fresh rice paper and cut into pieces. Then, pickled carrot, papaya, sour shrimp and bacon are put on top. What makes the dish more special is its sauce, which is made from ground sweet potato, peanut, sesame and Hue shrimp paste. These materials are cooked on a sauce pan until a semi-solid mixture is formed. Smooth rice paper, fatty pork, spicy sour shrimp and tasty sauce awake all senses.

This "royal" dish can be found in many places, particularly Grandma Hanh's street vendor near Kho Ren Bridge and An Cuu market. It costs tourists only VND 15.000 to  have a wonderful experience of local gastronomy.
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