Elephant Springs - an ideal summer destination

Update4/4/2023 3:34:14 PM
Address: Loc Tien hamlet, Phu Loc district.
Address: Loc Tien hamlet, Phu Loc district.
Elephant Springs is located about 60km to the South of Hue city and 40km to the North of Danang city. Arriving Thua Luu hamlet (Loc Tien commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province), visitors then walk on the narrow route before reaching Elephant springs right at the middle of the primary forest. With natural crystal clear water, Elephant Springs is one of the well-known destinations in the summer.

At elephant springs, there is an elephant-shaped stone at the foot of the waterfall where locates a lake called “Dam Voi”. It is located at the middle of the two waterfalls, this natural lake is 30m2 large and 2m deep. Its water is cool and crystal clear.

About 1km from “Dam Voi”, there is a stream known as Da Bang or Hang Nai on the foot of Truong Son range. Finding the way between blocks of stones will bring visitors an incredible experience.

At the top of Da Bang waterfall, visitors may have an adventure, spend happy time with family, discover nature and enjoy rustic dishes made from materials available in the forest.

At the upstream, visitors may admire the marvelous beauty of the primary forest. This valuabless property of Elephant springs is home to endangered species such as monkey, deer, pig, types of birds, etc.