Duong No village hall

Update11/8/2018 9:15:34 AM
Address: Phu Duong commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province It was in Duong No village hall where Uncle Ho (known as Nguyen Sinh Cung at the time) studied, played and got to know about the history of the hall as well as local spiritual culture life during the time he lived in the village

Duong No village hall was built under Le Thanh Tong's reign (1471) to worship ancestors. It was formerly made from types of bamboo and leaves. Thanks to the support of a general born in Duong No village under King Gia Long's reign, the village hall was reconstructed. As the village hall was imbued with Uncle Ho's childhood, it not only has history but also architecture value. With its unique features and styles, Duong No village hall is the typical architecture of Vietnamese village culture.  

Duong No village hall was traditionally constructed. It has 5 compartments, 2 lean-tos and yin-yang tile. The entire hall consists of parts connected in North-South axis i.e. main hall, yard, gate, a row of pillars serving as Tam quan gate, and station. The hall was decorated with patterns having high artistic value.

Duong No village hall was recognized as national culture and art relic in Decision No. 3777/QD-BT dated December 23rd, 1995.

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