Duc Buu traditional dumpling-making village
Update1/21/2021 3:42:06 PM
Duc Buu is a traditional dumpling-making village located in Huong So ward, Hue city (Illustration photo)
Duc Buu is a traditional dumpling-making village located in Huong So ward, Hue city (Illustration photo)
Hue traditional dumplings (beo, nam and loc, etc) appeared in the early 19th century. Over 150 years, dumpling making has become a part of cultural life in Duc Buu village, Huong So ward, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province.

For hundreds of years, traditional dumpling making has gone through ups and downs. However, it has been unceasingly developed in Duc Buu village and become a local unique livelihood, bringing villagers stable jobs and income. Therefore, locals spend time and efforts to improve the appearance and quality of these traditional dumplings.

Duc Buu is home to many traditional dumplings such as banh beo (water fern dumpling), banh nam (flat rice dumpling), banh loc goi (wrapped tapioca dumpling), banh loc tran (unwrapped tapioca dumpling), banh ram it (fried sticky rice dumpling), and banh cuon (steamed rice rolls). What makes local dumplings special is its tasty filling and flaky dough. For this reason, only fresh and high-quality ingredients are chosen. The standard shrimps should be not too big or small while the outer layer must be made from pure tapioca starch. Finally, delicious dumplings are made by skillful artisans.

Banh nam (flat rice dumpling): This kind of dumpling is made from rice powder and shrimp. It is wrapped in banana leaves before being steamed.

Banh beo (water fern dumpling): As its name suggests, banh beo looks like a water fern. Although it can be found in many other localities, Duc Buu's dumplings impressed people by its size, tasty dipping sauce, spices, ground shrimps, etc.

Banh loc (tapioca dumpling): there are two kinds of banh loc. They are wrapped and unwrapped tapioca dumplings. Commonly, its filling is made from lean pork or a mixture of shrimp and lean pork. Dumplings are wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed or boiled and served with tasty dipping sauce. Taste once, customers will be definitely impressed by delicious filling, flaky dough, fragrant chili and garlic.

At present, up to 54 households living in Duc Buu are making traditional dumplings. This number accounts for 27% of local total population. This craft has created stable job and the income of VND 4.000.000 - 5.000.000 a month. During making these traditional hand-made dishes, artisans play a key role from preparation to final stage. Therefore, they are required to be skillful and knowledgeable. Only the best materials are used. Despite being made from rustic materials, each dumpling shows the affection of artisans and national cultural identity.

The quality of traditional dumplings are improved over time. Today, it has become a specialty of the Imperial city in general and Huong So ward in particular. Each dumpling shows the affection and efforts of locals despite extreme weather condition. Tasty dumpling made from this village become even more valuable as no matter where they are, people still think of Duc Buu and these traditional dumplings.
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