Discover Hue on double-decker bus

Update11/17/2022 3:02:25 PM
The bus travels to places of interest and historic relics (illustration photo)
The bus travels to places of interest and historic relics (illustration photo)
Visitors have a chance to discover the former capital, enjoy the Huong river, listen to stories of local traditional culture and admire local impressive architecture.

This international standard tour is introduced in Hue for the first time, bringing locals and tourists special experience.

Not only domestic, but also foreign citizens are interested in the double-decker bus (also called Hop-on Hop-off bus). Choosing this new vehicle, visitors have an opportunity to visit historic relics. Besides, they also have a chance to understand more about destinations, the history of the ancient capital thanks to multi-linguistic narration system available.

City-sightseeing bus is specially designed with 54 comfortable seats. There are 5 places for straphangers and one seat for people with disabilities. The forty-two-seat bus takes visitors to famous relics such as Phu Van Lau, Thien Mu pagoda and Quoc Hoc Hue High School for the Gifted. Bus departs from Toa Kham bus station, then travel to Le Loi street, Phu Xuan bridge, Tran Hung Dao street, Le Duan street, Da Vien bridge, Dong Ba market, Phu Van Lau, Thien Mu pagoda before reaching Quoc Hoc Hue High School for the Gifted. Passengers may choose to stop at their favorite destination and wait for the next bus, which comes in the next 30 minutes. The narration system which comes in 9 languages help visitors understand more about well-known places of interests, landscapes and historic relics.

Two double-decker tours are currently piloted. They are “City tour - Hue heritage journey” (from 8:00 AM to 7:05 PM) and Hue by night sightseeing tour from 5:30 PM. Everyday, fifteen turns of “City tour - Hue heritage journey” double-decker bus are provided.  

Until the end of 2022, bus tickets are sold at discounted prices. In detial, the price for one round ticket is VND 100.000 while that for 8:00 AM tour is VND 150.000.