Death anniversary feast
Update9/9/2021 10:57:31 AM
Death anniversary is an important occasion on which relatives, in laws, friends and cousins gather together. As a custom, a carefully prepared feast is followed to invite guests after the rituals has already taken place.

Tables are arranged before hand. Commonly, the elderly and important figures in the clan sit in elevated position. There are also tables for families' friends, cousins and children. After the offering ceremony was held, guests are accompanied to tables as planned. On these tables, they also carefully sit in accordance with "ton ty trat tu" (clan pecking order). The host or a family representative will first invite important figures, then relatives and friends to start the meal.

At meal time, the host and his family members usually go around and take care guests. If not, they will sit down at friends or closed relative's tables. Guests sitting on the same table also invite each other to enjoy the meal. Although there are many dishes served on each table, they first have appetizer. They eat many dishes instead of focusing on a particular one. People often keep eating and talking happily at the same time. Guests should take notice of when to finish eating so that the meal doesn't take too long and he/she is not the last person to stay on the table. It is not until the meal is about to finish that the host will bring dessert. For Hue locals, it is unacceptable if the dessert comes up while guests are still eating. The host sometimes prepares some dishes and send them to important figures who fail to attend the offering ceremony.

Death anniversary is not only a traditional custom, but also an occasion to strengthen the relationship among relatives and friends. The solemn offering ceremony and well-prepared feast show the traditional cultural feature of the ancient capital.
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