Cuu dinh Hue on its journey to world's documentary heritage title
Update10/6/2021 3:31:25 PM
Cuu dinh Hue (the nine dynastic urns)
Cuu dinh Hue (the nine dynastic urns)
Cuu dinh (the nine dynastic urns) is a collection of nine bronze urns called Cao dinh, Nhan dinh, Chuong dinh, Anh dinh, Nghi dinh, Thuan dinh, Tuyen dinh, Du dinh and Huyen dinh. Casted in 1835 by Emperor Minh Mang, the nine dynastic urns were completed in 1837 and placed in front of The To Mieu temple (Hue Imperial city) ever since.

The nine dynastic urns showed not only the permanence of Nguyen dynasty, national prosperity and unification, but also professional casting skill of Vietnamese artisans. With 162 multiple theme carving patterns, the nine dynastic urns were great artworks combining architecture, painting, history, geography, culture and bronze casting technique. Therefore, the nine urns were called the "bach khoa thu" (encyclopedia) of Vietnam in early XIX century, a unique collection in Vietnam and the world.

Along with "Cuu dinh bach khoa thu doc dao cua Viet Nam dau the ky XIX" (the nine dynastic urns - the unique encyclopedia of Vietnam in early XIX century) to be published, this movie with the same name will bring audiences back to the past when the nine urns were casted, overcame challenges and stayed intact until today. It is said that the value of this treasure has gone beyond national scope and deserved to be recognized as a heritage of mankind.

Currently, Hue Monuments Conservation Center is preparing "the nine dynastic urns - Hue Imperial City, memory of the world" dossier. This document will be submitted to Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to apply for world's documentary heritage title.