Co Thanh tomb

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Address: Thuy Bang commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province
Address: Thuy Bang commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province
Co Thanh tomb is the place where Lord Nguyen Phuc Luan (1733-1765) - the father of Emperor Gia Long was buried. Also known as "So" tomb, the structure is about 11km from Hue city center.

The tomb consists of three nearly square parts whose sides are over 30m. Having come across the grassland and Bai Dinh yard, visitors reached the last square-shaped structure which is surrounded by wall. At the middle of which locates the tomb where the remain of Lord Nguyen Phuc Luan was buried. A huge solid bronze arched door is built on the front wall. Upon entering the gate, there is a guarding screen on which a dragon is embossed. Unlike other tombs, there are no "tung vien" house and worship space.

Similar to the tombs of other emperors and lords, "So" tomb is located in a mountainous area and faces the Huong river. There are mountain ranges on two sides, forming "tay ngai" position (dragon on the left and tiger on the right. "Tam" area where the remain of Lord Nguyen Phuc Luan was buried is surrounded by huge wall. Most of the tomb was destroyed by war. Only the main part where locates the three-story square tomb of Lord Nguyen Phuc Luan stays intact.

There are houses in which dragon-embossed stelaes in front of and behind the tomb. Thanks to talented craftsmen, visitors may recognize the melancholy look on these dragons. Yet, they are said to be more powerful than those found in Khai Dinh tomb, Tu Duc tomb and Thieu Tri tomb, etc.

Compared to other tombs, Co Thanh is the smallest. Although this structure is not highly appreciated in terms of art, it reminds people of the gloomy history Vietnam in late 18th century, which has not been mentioned by any historians.

Co Thanh tomb was recognized as a national relic on decision 874-QD/BVHTT on May 12th, 1997 of the Ministry of Culture and Information.
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