Banh ep Hue - an amazing street food
Update3/12/2020 2:10:28 PM
When it comes to Hue street food, "banh ep" is known as a delicious yet reasonably-priced dish. Although it is available in every corner of Hue city, it tastes different from shop to shop.

In fact, banh ep is an advanced version of tapioca dumpling. However, this street food is made in a much more simple way. Its main ingredient is tapioca flour, egg, dried beef and grilled pork. Each material is separately prepared.

To make the dish, tapioca flour and topping are flattened on a mould placed on a charcoal stove. This is how it gets its name "banh ep" ("ep" means flattening). Customers can either order chewy or crispy banh ep. They also freely prepare their own fish sauce while waiting. Perhaps spending time making the sauce and waiting for banh ep makes the experience more interesting. Banh ep is more delicious when it is still hot. It is served with pickled papaya, Vietnamese cilantro, cucumber, etc. Once try banh ep, customers will definitely love the chewy tapioca flour, grease filling, fresh vegetable and ask for more.

The dry version of banh ep is also available for anyone who would like to give it as gift. Each plate of banh ep only costs from VND 1.000 to VND 2.000.  Therefore, you can enjoy a stack of plates with only VND 15.000 or VND 20.000.
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