Areca-nut candy
Update3/11/2020 3:33:42 PM
Photo: internet
Photo: internet
Areca-nut candy (Kẹo cau) is a rustic sweet food of Hue children. As its name suggests, the candy looks like the areca nut cut into 6 pieces.

The hard inner part of the candy which is symbolic of areca nut’s seed is shining yellow and made from solid sugar water. It is said that the real areca nut's seed used to be added in the candy. However, it was replaced by the sugar-based one as not many people are fan of its natural flavor. The outer part of the candy which represents the areca nut's shell is made from rice flour and sugar.

Eating the rustic candy, people can enjoy its sweetness and feel it slowly dissolves in their mouth. Adults usually eat this kind of candy while drinking tea as its sweetness and the bitterness of tea create a distinctive flavor.

These days, areca-nut candy is no longer wrapped in banana leaves, but carefully packed. Visitors may easily found them at Hue city center, Dong Ba market, local markets, and stops, etc.
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