A Bia hill
Update4/10/2020 2:30:31 PM
A Bia hill (Photo: lendang.vn)
A Bia hill (Photo: lendang.vn)
A Bia is a medium-sized hill in Truong Son range. It is located in Dong Bac commune, A Luoi district, about 5km from A Luoi townlet and 75km from Hue city.

After being humiliatingly defeated in Spring 1968 General Uprising, American empire and its puppets undertook several operations in Thua Thien Hue province. Of all, A Luoi valley was a major hotspot.

A Bia was the site where 14 battalions, air force, artillery and tanks of the enemy gathered. The enemy aimed to force the Vietnamese Commander and soldiers to move to Vietnam - Laos border and break our strategic transport corridor. In an attempt to defeat the enemy in the first place, Regiment No. 3 of Division No. 324 cooperated with local soldiers, militias and guerrillas to attack the enemy. As recorded, there were 1500 American soldiers killed and many weapons destroyed. AN American general was badly injured.

A Bia victory not only encouraged Vietnamese soldiers and people, but also frightened American public. Western press called A Bia the hamburger hill to describe the deadly battle.