Quang Vinh Industrial Zone
Update3/11/2017 10:03:45 AM
The road to Quang Vinh Industrial zone (Photo: internet)
The road to Quang Vinh Industrial zone (Photo: internet)

Quang Vinh Industrial Zone located in Quang Vinh Commune and part of Quang Loi Commune (Quang Dien District). This is located in a high and flat position and not flooded. The development of the land fund of Quang Vinh Industrial Zone does not affect inhabitants and agricultural land; therefore, the compensation and site clearance are not much. Quang Vinh Industrial Zone is 9km away from Phong Dien Industrial Zone, bordered by WB route which connects with the Provincial Highway 11A, and 600m away from the Provincial  1A Highway.

Quang Vinh Industrial Zone is oriented to be a general industrial one with many industries, i.e. aquatic and agricultural product cultivating and processing industry, mineral processing industry, agricultural and fishing equipment production industry, wrapping processing and printing industry, etc.

Coming to Quang Vinh Industrial Zone, investors will be able to enjoy preferential policies not only of Vietnamese Government but also of the province.

Investment procedures will be implemented in accordance with the local “one-door” mechanism at the Management Committee of the Provincial Industrial Zones.

Until now, Quang Vinh Industrial Zone has received some projects on land lease to build factories.