Phu Da Industrial Zone
Update11/19/2018 2:35:10 PM
Phu Da Garment Company
Phu Da Garment Company

Area: 250 ha

Geographical location: it is located in Phu Da Commune, Phu Vang District, about 6 km away from the National Route 1A, 8 km from the Phu Bai International Airport, 8 km from the Phu Bai Industrial Zone, 6 km from the Thuan An Seaport, 49 km from the Chan May Seaport and 10 km away from the Huong Thuy Railway Station.

Potentials and advantages: There is a lagoon with a surface area of over 6,800 ha, offering big potentials for aquaculture.

Orientation for investment attraction
- Priority should be given to calling for the investment projects for construction and operating of infrastructure of industrial zones and the centralized wastewater treatment plant.
- For the industrial manufacture projects: Priority should be given to feed processing for aquaculture and husbandry; fishery and agricultural products; apparel, electronics, household appliances and other industries.