Chan May - Lang Co Economic zone
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Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone (Source:
Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone (Source:

Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone was established and operated according to the Decision No.04/2006/QD-TTg dated January 05, 2006.

Prime Minister approved the master plan on construction of Chan May - Lang Co, Thua Thien Hue province till 2025 in Decision No. 1771/QD-TTg dated 12/05/2008.

Includes: Lang Co town and communes of  Loc Thuy, Loc Tien and Loc Vinh, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, with 27,108 ha area size, of which, construction area of 10,000 ha.

Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone includes functional areas:

          • Non-tariff zone: 1,080.0 ha.

          • Port zone (including water surface): 686.5 ha.

          • Industrial and hi-tech zone: 1,915.0 ha.

          • Urban zone: 2,196.5 ha.

          • Tourism zone: 3,250.0 ha.

Chan May - Lang Co is an open economic zone with a natural area of 27,108 ha, the geographical location is very convenient. It is located between two major cities in the central region: Hue and Da Nang. It is 45 km from Phu Bai International Airport in the North and 30 km from Da Nang International Airport in the South. The North - South railway system and the National Highway 1A go through the economic zone. The deep sea port Chan May is the gateway linking the countries in the East - West Economic Corridor (Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam) with East Asian countries and the world.

1. Chan May Port

Area: Total port area is 668.53 hectare of which 442.19 hectare of ground and 226.34 hectare of water surface.


Chan May Port is a container general port which has a specialized quay for international tourists. As an important sea transport junction, it provides services of deep - water seaport and coordinates freight in the central key economic region.

Port city which links to the whole of Chan May - Lang Co urban zone and region, Chan May Port has functions of service, tourism, education, international convention centre, entertainment and sport.

By 2020: Construction of 06 berths, including 02 bulk cargo berths, 02 berths Clinker, 01 packaged goods berth, 01 container berth. The total berth length 1,680 m;

By 2030, Chan may Port will have had eight (08) general berths with total length of 2,280 meters, one gasoline and oil specialized berth with the length of 240 meters, and one terminal for 100,000 Gross Tonnage (GRT) cruise. It is estimated that the commodity through the port may reach 10 million tons, and the number of passengers may reach 550,000 in which domestic passengers is 300,000, and international passengers is 250,000. 

2. Industrial zone

           - High-tech industry; clean industry such as software, new materials precision engineering

           - Assembly of automobiles, motorcycles; assembling ships, container;

           - Processing of dry rubber latex and rubber products, alcohol production;

           - The high-grade plastic products;

           - The field of biotechnology, new building materials; office equipment, glass production and glass processing;

           - Manufacturing of product samples, packaging, printing labels, paper and paper products;

           - Item high quality such as gold, silver, gems, cosmetics, etc;

           - Processing of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products, fruits, canned food exports;

           - Manufacture of leather goods used;

           - Customers handicrafts, products for tourism,etc.

3. Non-tariff zone

 Area: 1080 hectare


       Non - tariff zone is separated from other functional areas in Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone and inland of Viet Nam by a system of fences with gates and doors, ensuring the control of the relevant authorities trousers. In the non - tariff zone, customs authorities are available to monitor, inspect and make customs procedures of goods in and out. In the non - tariff zone, uninhabited (including foreigners) residing permanently or temporarily reside. Non - tariff zone are combined using part Chan May port the boundaries for the implementation of customs procedures of non - tariff zones for cargo into or out of the port tariff.

  • Activity

           - Include the type of production, sales mainly as:

             + Producing, processing, recycling, repairing equipment and assembling goods for export, import and goods for local consumption;

             + Trade of goods and services (including export, import, transit or temporary import - re-export, distribution, shops and supermarket exempt, sorting, packing, transporting freight forwarders transit, storage, warehousing, bonded warehousing, postal services, telecommunications, finance, banking, transport, insurance, entertainment, recreation, restaurants);

             + The trade promotion activities (exhibitions, stores introduce products, branches and representative offices of domestic companies, foreign financial institutions - banks) and other commercial activities.

4. Tourism area

  • Area: 4.250 hectare.

      This is a potential area to develop into an international tourism area.

           - Lang Co tourism area of key tourism cluster of national and Thua Thien Hue province.

           - Located in the World Heritage: Hue, Hoi An ancient town, My Son holy land and caves of  Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park with a radius of about 150 km.

           - Lang Co beach is one of 30 most beautiful bays of the world. 10km long coastline

  • Characteristics

           - As one of the tourism centers of the province and the important tourist spots of tourist routes mid-central region.

           - Phu Loc district is considered as a gradually urbanized residence, with the economic structure of tourism, travel services, trade and aquaculture.

           - As an important position on defense, security and border regions and islands.

  • The main types of tourism

           - Meet the conditions for the development of various forms of tourism such as:

            + Tourism Resort: The resort, the medical...

            + Beach tourism: beach resort, marine sports, marine surveys, ecotourism...

            + Adventure Tourism: The sports activities like hiking, gliding, diving ...

            + Entertainment: golf courses, eco-tourism center, the traditional art forms

            + Business tourism: investors, transaction advisory, work in the economic zone.

5. Urban area

  • Area: 3.441 hectare. Including:

           - Urban area: 2,096 hectare

           - Urban combines high-tech zone: 1,345 hectare.

  • Characteristics

             Chan May Urban Area is a new one belonging to the dynamic urban chain. It is integrated with the urban space of Hue – Chan May – Da Nang - Chu Lai - Dung Quat - Nhon Hoi Chain lying on the National Highway 1A. Its overall functions are closely related to seaport, industry, commerce, tourism, and connected with the Western Highlands, and other neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. Chan May Urban Area’s major functions are defined as follows:

           - Being a port urban cluster, and a crucial maritime transport hub providing deep-water port services, and facilitating coordination and distribution of commodities within the key central economic zone.

           - Playing a role as the modern and large trading hub within the key central economic zone.

           - Being a national and international urban area.

           - Being the urban area that promotes clean and high-tech industry.