Vietnam - South Korea student culture exchange program

Update8/22/2018 7:36:56 AM
From 11th to 18th August, Summer Culture Exchange Program 2018 was co-organized by Skill and Social Work Club of Huong Thuy town and Inha University (South Korea).

The picnic program held in Thanh Toan tile roofed bridge (Thuy Thanh commune) was the centerpiece of the program. Joining the picnic, students had a chance to attend Incense Offering Ceremony at Thuy Thanh Martyr Shrine, visit farm tools gallery, get to know the formation history of Thanh Toan tile roofed bridge, join in traditional folk games, etc. The culture exchange program left unforgetable memories on South Korean students through activities, for example, "Survivor skill summer camp", Vietnam - South Korea Cooking Competition, group skipping rope, hopping relay, bamboo dance, public dances, etc. 

The event was also an opportunity for voluntary students from Inha University (South Korea) and members of Skill and Social Work Club (Huong Thuy town) to exchange experience through practical and useful activities. In addition,it contributed to honoring and introducing local traditional cultural values to the entire of South Korean students in particular and South Korea people in general. (CTV)

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