Nam Dong district: the heroic locality in renovation period

Update4/23/2020 2:41:51 PM
A corner of Khe Tre townlet - Nam Dong district
A corner of Khe Tre townlet - Nam Dong district

Nam Dong is a mountainous district, about 50km to the southwest of Hue city. Established in October 1990, the locality has the area of 647,82 km2, accounting for 12,87% of Thua Thien Hue province (according to Thua Thien Hue Statistical Yearbook 2022). Located in a strategic position with forests, caves, mountains and streams, Nam Dong was selected as the revolutionary base area during the resistance against French Colonialism and American empire.

There are 9 communes and 01 townlet in the district. Of all, the 6 communes, namely, Thuong Long, Thuong Quang, Huong Huu, Thuong Nhat, Huong Son, Thuong Lo and Huong Phu are localities where majority of minority ethnic groups reside. Regards to ethnic affair, Nam Dong is home to minority ethnic groups such as Co Tu, Ta oi, Pa co, Pa hy, Van Kieu, etc. According to Thua Thien Hue Statistical Yearbook 2022, the district has the total population of 27.004 people and the population density of 41,7 people/km2.

"Tran" dam in Nam Dong district (Photo:

The district is situated in a 37 kilometer-long valley in eastern Truong Son range. Its width ranges from 37km to 27km. It borders with A Luoi district to the west, Phu Loc district to the east, Huong Thuy town to the north, Quang Nam province and Danang city to the south.

National Road 1A and Cam Lo (Quang Tri province) - Tuy Loan Highway (Danang city) place Nam Dong in an advantageous position to exchange with major cities in Central coastal cities.

Nam Dong has unique natural resources and cultural values such as beautiful natural waterfalls (Phuon, Mo, Truot), traditional festival (buffalo thrusting festival) and cultural heritages (Guol houses of Co Tu people), historic revolutionary relics (the headquarters of Thua Thien Hue Party Committee).

The locality also has a number of non-metals such as limestone, granite, pyrite, etc. A large reserve of limestone is available in convenient location, facilitating the production of cement and building stone in the district.

In recent years, Nam Dong has observed encouraging results in economic growth, economic restructuring, socio-economic infrastructure, projects, living standard, culture, poverty reduction, national security and defense, etc.

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