Huong Tra town, the key economic region of Thua Thien Hue province

Update4/27/2020 11:28:06 AM
Ru Cha’s unspoiled beauty attracts a significant number of tourists (Photo:internet)
Ru Cha’s unspoiled beauty attracts a significant number of tourists (Photo:internet)

Pursuant to Resolution No. 99 of the Government, Huong Tra town was established on November 15th, 2011. The town has 09 administrative units including 5 wards and 4 communes, the total area of 392,57 km2 and the population of 66.278 habitants (according to Thua Thien Hue Statistical Yearbook 2022). Located in a strategic position in economy, politics and cultural exchange, Huong Tra has a continuous traffic system including National Road 1A, North-South Railway, the 19km long bypass in the west of Hue city, National Road 49A, waterway on the Huong River, Bo River and Tam Giang lagoon.

Within local socio-economic development orientation, Huong Tra town is expected to further promote its role as a northern urban area; contribute to accelerating urbanization speed; facilitate local socio-economic development, economic restructuring in services - industry - agriculture orientation; attract investors investing in the fields of tourism, services, trade and industrial zones.

Up to now, Tu Ha industrial zone (Huong Tra town) has got the occupancy rate of 67,7%. It covers the total area of 260ha and attracts 170 enterprises. As for infrastructure investment, Km9 Huong Chu new urban area and Dong Kieu resident area (Huong Ho ward) are potential for competent investors.

Khe Rung lake, Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra town (Photo: internet)

In terms of tourism, Huong Tra focuses on services, particularly tourism and trade which are expected to become local key fields, contributing to economic growth, employment and economic restructuring. At present, there are a number of projects calling for investment in Huong Tra, for example, Ru Cha - Con Te eco-tourism site; Binh Dien - Huong Dien hydroelectricity tourism site; Tho Son lake tourism site, etc.

Other places of interest in Huong Tra attracting far and near visitors are Huong Dien hydroelectricity, Binh Dien hydroelectricity, Khe Day eco-tourism site (Binh Thanh commune), historic-cultural relics, garden houses, traditional handicraft products and villages such as Dia Linh carving, Xuoc Du wooden art, Lai Thanh bamboo knotting, bonsai village.

Huong Dien hydroelectricity, Huong Tra town (Photo: internet)

Thanks to its natural conditions, vegetable and medicinal plants are planted in Huong Tra. Particularly, there are a number of products made from local plants that are suitable for processing industry, trade and services such as peanut and sesame extracts (Huong Van, Huong Van, Huong Xuan and Huong Chu ward); fruit juices (Huong Van ward, Huong Can village – Huong Toan commune). Therefore, the town is capable of providing raw materials for factories in the province and adjacent localities.

Peasants harvest tamarinds in Huong Can village, Huong Toan communeHuong Tra town

On the basis of local potentials and strengths, Huong Tra is making effort to have a focus on socio-economic development; harmoniously combine short-term and long-term objectives for sustainable development; focus on developing sectors and products for economic restructuring;  develop services and industry; promote economic growth; accelerate the development of trade, services and tourism; become key economic sectors; develop competitive, environmentally-friendly industrial fields; develop sub-urban eco-agriculture in sustainable and effective manners. On this basis, Huong Tra town is expected to become a key economic region in Thua Thien Hue province.

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