Huong Thuy town, the southern gateway of Hue city in speedy urbanization process

Update5/11/2020 3:34:51 PM
A corner of Huong Thuy town
A corner of Huong Thuy town
Thanks to its geographical position, Huong Thuy town is appropriate for urban development and economic exchange. The town borders with Phu Loc and Phu Vang district to the east, Hue city and Huong Tra town to the west, Phu Vang district to the north, Nam Dong and Phu Loc district to the south.

Huong Thuy town has the total area of 427,48km2 and the population of 100.207 habitants (according to Thua Thien Hue Statistical Yearbook 2022). Pursuant to the Resolution No/08/NQ-CP on February 9th, 2010 of the Government, Huong Thuy was upgraded from district to town. This milestone marked district's growth in the new period. In Huong Thuy town, there are 10 administrative units including 5 wards (Phu Bai, Thuy Duong, Thuy Phuong, Thuy Chau, Thuy Luong) and 5 communes (Thuy Thanh, Thuy Tan, Thuy Phu, Duong Hoa and Phu Son).

The town is located in the East - West economic corridor, about 30km away from Chan May - Lang Co economic zone. It  has convenient transport system with national road 1A, North - South railway, 49A National Road, Phu Bai international airport and Huong Thuy railway. This advantage allows Huong Thuy to expand economic exchange and integrate into Southeast Asian region and the world.

Besides, the locality is home to many cultural and historic relics recognized by the province and country as well as famous traditional handicraft villages. These are great potentials for Huong Thuy to develop tourism and services as its flagship economic sectors.

Being the province-wide key economic zone, Phu Bai IZ has proved its efficiency and been expected to be expanded and modernized, accelerating local socio-economic development. 

Thanh Lam field, Huong Thuy town (Photo: internet)

Besides, local natural condition (land and water resource) enables the town to develop sub-urban intensive agriculture. The large area of unused hill may also be exploited for agriculture, forestry and tourism.

Favorable geographical position, economy, transport and natural resources allow Huong Thuy to exchange with other localities in the province as well as provinces across Vietnam.

Huong Thuy town is expected to focus on developing urban space, especially central areas and centralized administrative area; promote socio-economic development (services - industry, handicraft - agriculture); focus on developing trade, services and tourism; exploit local potentials such as nature, ecology, tradition, culture and history.

Huong Thuy town is developing (Photo: internet)

In addition, Thua Thien Hue province also invested and established industrial clusters, handicraft villages, tourism sites and services in Huong Thuy town. The province also continues to improve Phu Bai infrastructure and rural infrastructure. These are basic conditions for Huong Thuy to promote socio-economic development with a view to become a modern, prosperous and civilized town as well as a dynamic economic center with speedy growth and sustainable development, a modern economic structure, improved living standard comprehensive and modern urban infrastructure.

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